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Teresa Almeida (Born in 1978, Portugal. She lives and works in Porto, Portugal)
She is an artist interested in exploring the link between art and science. She is currently working with luminescent glass, reconstituting aesthetic forms whose point of departure is environmental destruction and ecology. Her interest is the visualisation of the piece in distinct forms: the monochromatic colourlessness and the lightning colourful state.

Almeida got a PhD in Art Studies at the University of Aveiro. In 2003, she completed her Master in Glass at the University of Sunderland, England and actually she is a professor of the Fine Arts Faculty, Oporto University and also a member of the research Unit I&D “Vidro e Cerâmica para as Artes” (VICARTE).

Enrico Tommaso De Paris (Born in 1960, Italy. He lives and works in Turin, Italy)
As a multi-media artist he uses the most expressive language from painting to installation, from video to digital images. His works have their roots both in science and in philosophy. His installations, quite often specific sites, transform the space in which they are exhibited into a place of reflection on contemporaneity.

Everything arrives in a mixture of light and sound, glass, plastics and steel. He begun exhibiting in 1990, after having interrupted a scientific university course. Among the many exhibitions, we can mention: Schermi delle mie brame, Triennale, Milan, 2014; Art Jungle, Reggia della Venaria, Turin, 2013; POPism, Fondazione Michetti, Chieti, 2012. He was invited to collateral projects of the 50. and 51. Biennale d’Arte di Venezia.

Anna-Lea Kopperi (Born in 1960, Finland. She lives and work in Helsinki, Finland)
Anna Lea Kopperi is a conceptual artist known for her interactive and environmental works, installations and public sculptures, which lead us to consider the environmental, architectural and social aspects of the places in which they become situated. Her ephemeral and site-specific projects use subjective perceptions in order to pose existential questions.

She often employs mirror fragments set in very specific ways to reflect the surroundings and refract light creating a surreal, spiritually evocative atmosphere. Her recent solo exhibitions are: Mother Armenia, in Yerevan; Plants for Free, video installation and performance at the Kunsthalle Helsinki 2013, Thought Lift at Amos Anderson Art Museum in Helsinki and Across the Air at the Durbar Hall Ground in Kochi, India 2011.

Éric Michel (Born in 1962, France. He lives and works in Paris, France)
He is a French multi-media artist who works mainly with light and colour. His light-works are essentially based in research on the immaterial. Light plays a very important role and is the vehicle for conveying his sensitivity. Its both wave and particle nature, material and immaterial, effects transportation from the real to the imaginary. Michel started his artistic career in Japan, where in 2007 his video work Swimming Fluo was presented at Shanghai Museum for Contemporary Art (MOCA).

In 2009, he created two multimedia installations for Yves Klein Archives in Paris, and for the Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art (MAMAC) in Nice. In 2010, he was invited to create a multimedia installation for Marina Abramovic Institue (MAI West) in San Francisco.

Fernando Quintas (Born in 1966, Portugal. He lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal)
He is interested in the connection between painting and tri-dimensionality. In his works, quite frequently sculptures in glass, he plays with colours and with light to create a short circuit between volume and surface. The dialogue between architecture and the environment is a recurring element in his work.

Throughout his artistic and academic career he participated in lectures and exhibitions about glass and mosaic around Europe and was part of the organizing committee of Glassac, Lisbon, 2005; Glassac, Valencia, 2008; Portuguese Glass in an European Context (ICOM). He is one of the founder members of the research unit Glass and Ceramics for the Arts, VICARTE and was president of the Portuguese Glass Association (APV) from 2006 to 2009.

Elisabeth Scherffig ( Born in 1949, Germany. She lives and works in Milan, Italy)
Her artistic research revolves around the concept of space. The primary technique is drawing, very detailed and able to show us surfaces in the smallest details, perceivable as the intimate structure of things. Over the last years she has devoted herself to the observation and photography of heterogeneous glass surfaces, which she converts into pastel drawings on paper.

This project connected with glass is a study, through drawing, of vision and light. Her recent solo exhibitions are: New Works Mappamundi, London, Faggionato Fine Art, 2014; Vitrea, London, Faggionato Fine Art, 2012. Among the group shows: Ad Naturam, Museo Civico di Storia Naturale, Verona, 2014; Indagini urbane, Gabriele Basilico, Elisabeth Scherffig, Mario Sironi, Il Chiostro Arte Contemporanea, Saronno 2014.

Robert Wiley (Born in 1970, USA. He lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal)
Robert Wiley’s research is currently focused on study of the nature of creativity, and points of approach and divergence between art and science. Understanding the deeper mechanisms of creative thought (artistic and scientific) is the most important element of his work, often works in glass, in which the material acquires a symbolic role.

His artistic practice emerges from exercise and meditation, leading him to create works that span the gap between analytical thought and poetry. Some of the exhibitions which he took part are: Vidro Para Que te Quero, IMARGEM, Associação dos Artistas Plásticos do Concelho de Almada, Portugal, 2014; Amice, Michael Rogers, Richard Meitner, and Robert Wiley, Biblioteca FCT/UNL, Almada, Portugal, 2014; Infusão, Fernanda Guerreiro and Robert Wiley, Solar Dos Zagallos, Almada, Portugal, 2012.

Pedro Palma (Born in Portugal in 1985. He lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal)
He started his artistic career as a painter. In particular he was fascinated by the Chinese graphics, based on the absence of colors. The idea of the pure shape brought him to experiment with glass and its transparency. This material allowed him to realize his paintings in a three-dimensional world, thanks to the relation of the material with light. Through glass he is able to investigate the concept of duality, in particular the concepts of fragility versus resistance.

He studied Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon and won a scholarship of the Gulbenkian Foundation. He got a Master Degree in Glass Art and Science (VICARTE, Faculty of Science and Technology - Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Faculty of Fine Arts - Universidade de Lisboa). His most recent exhibition is a group show: CorpoInvisível. Biblioteca Camões, Bairro das Artes, Lisboa, Portugal (2014).

Mika Aoki / Japan (Born in 1981, Japan. She lives and works in London, GB)
She works mainly with glass. Her works represent spores, microorganisms, mould, natural forms, and biological systems scattered over the most diverse environments that become animated in the presence of light. Her research is somewhere between science, art and fantasy. Her transparent and delicate works seem to disappear in the dark and become visible only with light.

Mika Aoki is currently studying at the Royal College of Art in London. Some of the most recent group shows are: Biwaco Biennale 2014, Shiga Prefecture, Japan; COLLECT / Project Space 2013, Saatchi Gallery London. She also exhibited in several solo shows in private galleries in Tokyo.

Alan Jaras (Born in 1960, Great Britain. He lives and works in the North West of England, GB)
He is a scientist and an artist who after leaving his career as industrial researcher and microscopist has directed his energy to the study and relation between art and science. Alan Jaras transforms light into art works. His works are classical photographs of light beams passing through sheet glass with varying surface attributes at differing angles.

Multi-coloured images result from this process, recalling the depths of the sea or far-away galaxies. In 2014 he was invited to exhibit at the Light Painting World Alliance Special Event in Aubervilliers, France; Lanzhou, China and Hong Kong and he received the Honourable Mention at the International Photography Awards.

Richard Meitner (Born in 1949, USA. He lives and works in Amsterdam, Holland)
The poetic and intellectual work of Richard Meitner reflects a great variety of influences, from Japanese textile to Italian painting, from applied arts to science. His works in glass often include other materials, such us rust, enamel, bronze, terracotta, and paint. Meitner plays with unusual juxtapositions of shapes and materials that speak to the interface between art and science, intellect and spirit.

His works have been exhibited all over the world, and have become part of the permanent collections of more than 50 museums worldwide. Among the many exhibitions: 3 solo shows, National Glass Center Museum, Sunderland, 2014; A Passion for Glass, National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, 2011. In 2011 The Tacoma Museum of Glass, Washington, USA, also dedicated him a solo retrospective show.

Diogo Navarro (Born in 1973, Mozambique. He lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal)
He is an artist especially interested in expressing the pictorial potential of different materials. His works on canvas or wood are made of an assemblage of materials in which light frequently is the main actor.

Clusters of painting explode like flashes, metal and glass reflecting the external light, which then becomes part of the work of art. His paintings were exhibited in the Portuguese Embassy of Vatican in Rome, in the US Embassy in Lisbon, in the Embassy of Portugal in Kinshasa, at the National Museum of Natural History and Science as well as in Palácio Nacional da Ajuda in Lisbon. He was awarded in the category of painting at the International Vera Art Festival in Lisbon, 2014 and he won the first price of the Image of Russia by the Russian Academy of Fine Arts in Moscow, 2012.

Silvano Rubino (Born in 1952, Italy. He lives and works in Venice, Italy)
His artistic activity includes photography, video and sculpture. His interest is focussed on the activation of space and the relationship between the environment and the viewer, the work and the public; quite often returning to form and light studies. The material he usually uses is glass, deprived of most of its traditional qualities (luminosity and transparency) to acquire a more ambiguous, deceptive nature.

Among his most recent exhibitions: (solo shows) In equilibrio tra due punti sospesi, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice, 2010; In scala perfetta, Galleria Michela Rizzo, Venice 2006; (group shows) WhiteWindow, Temporary Gallery, Venice, 2013; Fragile Murano, Musée Maillol, Paris, 2013; Glasstress New York, MAD, USA, 2012.

Cesare Toffolo (Born in 1961, Italy. He lives and works in Murano, Italy)
He is a Master of glass and an artist who is renowned for the creative ability he applies to the development of new techniques for lampworking. His manual virtuosity and mastery of glass allow him to make very complex works of art in which the human figure is always present, even if it has a secondary role with respect to the architectural foundation which surrounds and overpowers it.

He began some years ago working with luminescent glass to make works in dialogue with science. Toffolo was invited to teach at the Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle, Niijima Glass Art Center in Tokyo, Corning Museum of Glass and Toyama Glass Art Institute. Museums, galleries, and collectors prize his work worldwide.

Margarida Alves (Born in 1983, Portugal. She lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal)
Her main interest is sculpture and the interaction of it with the environment and the public. She worked mainly with wood, but in the last years she is deepening the knowledge of glass as material for art. Through her works in glass she investigates the borders between science and art and the role of artist in relation to the ones of scientist. Her works are very delicate and discreet.

Quite invisible in the context where they are exhibited, but at the same time very powerful with their fragile existence. She studied Sculpture (Faculty of Fine Arts – University of Lisbon), Structural Engineering (New University of Lisbon, 2005) and she got a Master Degree in Glass Art and Science (VICARTE, Faculty of Science and Technology - New University of Lisbon and Faculty of Fine Arts - University of Lisbon). Among her last exhibitions, there are also two solo shows: “HETEROTOPIAS”, Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência, 2014; “ENTRE O TEMPO E A MATÉRIA”, Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência, 2014.  

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