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This exhibition is organized by VICARTE and the Millennium bcp Foundation. VICARTE is a research unit which is a partnership between the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universidade de Lisboa. This glass and ceramic research centre at the Caparica campus of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa connects the present to the past by developing new possibilities for glass, ceramics and contemporary art along with conservation and restoration sciences. Additionally, traditional methods of glass working are combined with new theoretical and technical approaches to the material. Millennium bcp Foundation founded in 1991 by the Portuguese Commercial Bank, promotes the country’s development, civic awareness and social responsibility through its cultural activities. The exhibition gallery and its organizational structure work to realize projects of high social and cultural value. Highlighting and supporting various areas of our cultural and society are one of the foundation’s main aims.
The activity of the Millenium Foundation bcp, enters into the context of social solidarity policy and of institutional cultural patronage, seeing for itself a role as a valuable creative agent in society in the diverse areas of its interventions. In this sense, it attempts over time to focus its resources on supporting institutions and international reference organisations and on projects oriented to long term improvements in efficiency The organization is in charge of António Pires de Matos, Andreia Ruivo and Isabel Godinho, members of VICARTE and Fátima Dias of Millennium bcp Foundation. This exhibition is curated by Francesca Giubilei (VeniceArtFactory)
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